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// "Mini" in a Bottle//

Another couple close to my heart is about to tie the knot in less than a month! This time I will be playing an important role as one of the bridesmaids. I gladly accepted the task of taking charge of the wedding decors, the favors, and the cake.

Over the weekend, I finally finished doing the wedding favors. Hurrah! A miniature silver bicycle, “LOVE” word, or heart is hanging inside each cute bottle and wrapped in a classy organza pouch matching with the color theme.

It was so much fun making them(not to mention patience-draining)! But looking at those marvelous tiny bicycles made me almost finish them in just one-sitting. Haha!

Well, I still have the decors to finish and also the cake… Giddy!


This is quite simple to do. All you need is:

1. Feathers of your choice

2. Small pliers

3. Gold chain (here I used 28” long)

4. Gold link ring (you just need one)

5. Gold rounded crimp

So let’s begin. With your pliers, attach one feather to one gold rounded crimp and tighten one end around the feather. Make sure it’s secure. Do this to all three feathers or you can add more if you like. Then open one gold ring with pliers, hook on your feathers, and also each end of your gold chain. That’s it!

If you feel too lazy to DIY, you can get it from Ma-Artsy Shop!


// Ferrero Rocher Bouquets//

Say “I love you” the sweeter way!

This is a combination of Violet and Baby Pink. Different colors available: Violet, Baby Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Baby Blue, and Brown.

Price List:

70Php / pc.

200Php / 3 pcs.

320Php / 6 pcs.

Contact (0927) 349 1869 for regular orders. We can also customize.

(For meet ups only in Binan, Laguna)

Other sample orders delivered:

// Love on Wheels : The Result//

Here they are, the finished product from this post:


Congratulations and best wishes to you, Matthew and Cecille!

// Eight Long Years//

That’s how long we’ve known and loved each other. Imagine that.

God must have really loved me because I met you early in my life. And I thank Him, too, because you never had someone before me (you’re the kind of man who loves only one woman in his life). I am so blessed to have you.


That’s my happy “kilig” face. Photo by ARANAS PHOTOGRAPHY

What I have for you is beyond “kilig” and you know that.

I just want us to forever be together.


// Love on Wheels : The Making//

Yesterday, Kristofer and I headed for a little trip to Divisoria in search of suppliers and materials for the wedding souvenirs we will be making for the cousin of a dear friend of ours.

We wanted to create something as close to what they wanted as possible, and within the budget limit we were provided.


Golden tricycle + Wood flowers + Red ribbon! Oh, I can’t wait for the result! :)

Later, we will be working on quite a number of these! I’m all fired up because this is one of my dream jobs. SOUVENIR-MAKING!!!

Hoping it will turn out well(or superb)! :)

Filled with excitement,


// My Growing List//

Here are some things I would really love (and die for) to learn:

*Modern Calligraphy

*Sewing and crocheting

*Graphic Designing


*Balloon Decoration

Not in a hurry at all..

Because today I cooked the only dish
I’m confident enough to:
Bistek Tagalog
Dear future husband, be prepared to eat this everyday. Haha!

Because today I cooked the only dish

I’m confident enough to:

Bistek Tagalog

Dear future husband, be prepared to eat this everyday. Haha!

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